UI, UX, Development


We took on the exciting challenge of redesigning an ecommerce website for Hysolis, a leading provider of backup, off-grid, and solar panel solutions. The primary goal was to enhance the website's overall professionalism and reliability while incorporating custom functionalities tailored to their unique product offerings. A significant focus was placed on optimizing the product page, which required showcasing numerous custom fields and highlighting the various functionalities of their diverse product range.

What We Have Done

1. Redesigned the entire ecommerce website for Hysolis.

2. Implemented the new design, incorporating a clean and modern aesthetic.

3. Developed and integrated custom functionalities, including minimum quantity order options for select products and product add-ons.

4. Provided Hysolis with a comprehensive brand kit to ensure consistent representation across all marketing channels.

The Strategy

Our strategy for the redesign of Hysolis' website centered around improving its visual appeal and usability while aligning with the brand's values and target audience. We conducted in-depth research to understand their industry, competitors, and customer preferences, enabling us to create a tailored design and development plan. By collaborating closely with the client, we aimed to create an engaging user experience that effectively showcased the unique features and benefits of their backup, off-grid, and solar panel solutions.

What we Did

To achieve the project's goals, our team utilized an iterative design and development process. We began by conducting a comprehensive audit of the existing website to identify pain points and areas for improvement. With a deep understanding of Hysolis' requirements, we created wireframes and prototypes to refine the user interface and interactions. Our development team then implemented the design, ensuring seamless integration of custom functionalities such as minimum quantity order options and product add-ons. Rigorous testing and optimization were carried out to guarantee a smooth user experience across various devices and browsers.

Visual Design and Brand Identity:

We placed a strong emphasis on creating a visually appealing and cohesive design that aligned with Hysolis' brand identity. Our team crafted a modern and clean visual aesthetic, incorporating a harmonious color palette, typography, and imagery that resonated with their target audience. By meticulously designing the product page, we successfully showcased the diverse range of products, custom fields, and functionalities, allowing visitors to easily navigate and understand the features and benefits of each solution.

The Results

Following the redesign and implementation of custom functionalities, Hysolis experienced a significant improvement in their website's overall professional look and reliability. The optimized product page design effectively showcased the diverse features and functionalities of their backup, off-grid, and solar panel solutions. The revamped user experience resulted in increased engagement, reduced bounce rates, and improved conversion rates. Through our collaborative efforts, Hysolis now has an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional website that positions them as a leading provider in their industry.