UI, UX, Development

The Summary 

We revamped SMSbiotech's website, a leading late-stage biotech company founded in 2015. Known for groundbreaking stem cell research, they've introduced a tech set to transform life science research. This approach enables more efficient and cost-effective testing of potential treatments, poised to make waves in regenerative medicine.

What We Did 

  1. Established a comprehensive brand guide capturing SMSbiotech's essence, values, and groundbreaking technology.
  2. Mapped out wireframes for a clear website structure and user flow.
  3. Executed a custom website design embodying a forward-thinking and innovative atmosphere in line with SMSbiotech's pioneering ethos.
  4. Defined brand personality, values, and dedication to biotech research.
  5. Crafted a unique logo representing innovation and commitment. Planned wireframes for a clear structure. Implemented a custom design with forward-thinking elements.

The Strategy 

Focused on an engaging and user-friendly online presence. Extensive research guided our choices in colors, tones, and design elements. This emphasized SMSbiotech's trailblazing role.

Visual Design and Brand Identity 

Emphasized visual elements to represent innovation. Selected colors for progress and trust. Chose typography for readability and a forward-thinking tone. Integrated relevant imagery and graphics for an engaging user experience.

The Results 

SMSbiotech now showcases its pioneering tech effectively. The visual elements represent the dedication to biotech research. The user-friendly structure enhances the experience, making vital information easily accessible. The result is a polished platform positioning SMSbiotech as a trusted authority in late-stage biotech research.