San Diego Cares

UI, UX, Development

The Summary 

In our latest project, we created a new website for San Diego Cares: It's in our Blood, an annual blood drive event. With limited online presence, our goal was to design a platform that effectively communicated the event's mission and encouraged community participation.

What We Did 

  1. Established a comprehensive brand guide capturing San Diego Cares' essence, values, and messaging.
  2. Designed a distinctive logo reflecting the event's mission and purpose.
  3. Mapped out wireframes for a clear website structure and user flow.
  4. Executed a custom website design embodying a warm and inclusive atmosphere in line with San Diego Cares' community-focused ethos using CraftCMS as a custom CMS for the website for easy of management and editing.

Created a custom Logo Capturing the San Diego Skyline
Created Print Media to engage potential donors and raise awareness about the event

The Strategy 

Our strategy focused on creating an engaging and user-friendly online presence that effectively communicated the importance of this annual blood drive. Extensive research into the target audience, competitors, and industry best practices guided our decisions.

Visual Design and Brand Identity 

Focused on visual design and brand identity elements to create an inclusive atmosphere. Careful attention was given to selecting colors that evoked a sense of community and trust. Typography choices were made to ensure readability and convey a warm and approachable tone. Integrated relevant imagery and graphics that complemented the overall brand identity.

The Results 

San Diego Cares now boasts a brand-new website that effectively communicates its mission and encourages community involvement in the annual blood drive. The thoughtfully curated visual design and brand identity elements accurately represent the event's inclusive spirit, attracting participants and supporters alike. The user-friendly website structure and intuitive navigation enhance the overall user experience, making it easy for visitors to access vital information and engage with San Diego Cares. Through our collaborative efforts, San Diego Cares now has a professional and inviting digital platform that accurately showcases its mission and positions it as a trusted authority in community-driven blood drives