Chi Dog

UI, UX, Development


Our challenge was to create a unique user-friendly experience to make ChiDog name memorable to the user while communicating our client's personality, experience, and client loyalty.

What we've done

1. Strategic Discovery

2. Website Redesign & Optimization

5. Component-based UI-kit

The Strategy

The process began with the discovery phase and understanding who the target users are, what their goals are, who the competitors are, and in what context the website will be viewed - on mobile, tablet, desktop, or laptop?

The content was audited, outlined, and planned based on the initial discovery phase and we moved from content outlines to wireframing, design, development phases, through to the launch of the website.

What We Did

During the wireframe and prototyping phase, we layout content and focus on specific functionality to make sure that it meets the needs of our users. These are extremely basic and created primarily in grayscale in order to focus more on the functionality of the site instead of the visual aspect.

Visual Design, Brand Identity

Once the general framework is in place from the wireframe phase, we move into the visual design phase where we focus on the look and feel of the site. During this phase, we will decide on imagery, color options, typography, iconography, and other elements that are in-line with the client’s brand identity in order to create a visually pleasing user interface.

The Result

The new website is fast. The layout is simple and provides users with valuable information quickly. The visual design reflects their brand personality. Bold, tough, and loyal. With new photography, an updated color scheme, and user-focused content strengthened their digital presence and better reflects their firm.