Revive Drinks

UI, UX, Development

Revive Drinks is a line of probiotic beverages that combines delicious taste with health benefits. We had the opportunity to create a fun, easy-going, and appealing website that would convey all the benefits of the product and invite users to give it a try, with the promise that once you try it, you will become a loyal customer. This project was made in collaboration with the designer Austin Branham.

The minimal design makes the products the stars while ensuring easy navigation and emphasizing the benefits. The daring colors create curiosity, evoke positiveness, and help the user focus on one product at a time. The client reviews complete the perfect context of a successful interaction with a new brand on the market.

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Since drinking a seltzer is often a social interaction, we also integrated a series of photos with people enjoying the product, to transport users to a happy place – whether that's hanging out with friends, attending a festival, or celebrating a family event.

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The shop is built on Shopify to make sure we can keep up with business scaling and the launching of marketing campaigns. Besides the basic functionalities of e-commerce, we also set up a subscription ordering model, helping professional seltzer drinkers save time and get a discount for their loyalty. You can have the 12-pack at your door every one, two, or six weeks, for countless delightful moments at home.