UI, UX, Shopify Development

Hysolis is a leading provider of high-capacity power stations and solar panels. Operating in a very competitive field, Hysolis knows that user experience can make a difference when it comes to e-commerce, and they are constantly updating and improving their website. We designed and developed the e-commerce website using Shopify, integrating a series of custom, industry-specific functionalities.

We began with an audit of the existing website, identifying the most successful sections as well as potential issues that users might face. We then continued with the wireframing, proposing a new structure and new features to make user engagement easier.

We defined the UI based on the brand's visual identity, maintaining the iconic orange as the primary color and introducing a techy blue for accents. The overall design style is clean and minimalistic, with a focus on product photography, large headlines, and custom iconography.

To add visual appeal and clarity, we created a series of illustrations to address users' questions, such as "How does a solar generator work?" We also improved and upgraded the calculator to assist with configuring Apollo, a portable solar power station and one of Hysolis' flagship products. The Apollo calculator is designed to help users accurately determine the power requirements of their site and order the right number of products from Hysolis.

A significant focus was placed on optimizing the product page, which required showcasing numerous custom fields and highlighting the various functionalities of their diverse product range.

The website now comes fully equipped with handy features for the client's marketing team. This includes a simple newsletter setup, live chat, and easy downloads for product info and user guides. There's also a mega menu for fast product navigation and a built-in affiliate program.